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Established in 1973, Douglass Motors has always been a family business dedicated to providing a high-quality service to its customers and supplying on quality vehicles and replacement or genuine parts. Starting service in a Series 1 Land-Rover, Douglass Motors has grown from a 1 man mobile workshop to a well-established family business specializing in Sales, Service, Repair and Preparation of all Land Rover and 4x4 vehicles. Having driven and serviced Land-Rovers of all varieties for many years we have built up a vast knowledge and reputation that has brought us custom from around the world.

Douglass Motors has the impressive rating of 98.2% from more than 250 ratings - Good Garage Scheme.

We offer a wide range of quality Land Rovers and 4x4’s all prepared and serviced to a high standard in our own workshops. Many of our vehicles we have sourced from our existing clients, so we know the history of the vehicle we are selling.

Our stock changes regularly, so if you can’t find the right vehicle in our stock, please contact us, we are able to source the right vehicle for you.

98% satisfaction rate within our more than 19,000 customers.

Our team is professional and trustworthy, with a wealth of experience to offer you the best service.

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